Easy and Fun Ways To Spend More Time With Your Family

Spending time with family is important to make memories and just enjoy one another. With everyone’s busy schedules, it can often be hard to turn off all the noise and spend time together. We’ve got a few fun and easy ways to spend time as a family together.

Play A Game 

Playing games together can rev up the competition and make everyone laugh at the same time. Whether it’s a backyard football game, an old fashioned board game or even a card game, pick something the whole family with love. Depending on the ages of each family member, games will help stimulate the brain of everyone. 

Dance Party 

Turn on your favorite playlist and dance as a family. Bust out your favorite moves and embarrass yourself just a little. The teenagers may be rolling their eyes, but inside they’re truly laughing and having a good time. Let yourself loose as everyone in the family moves to the fun music. Someone could even sneak a video for an extra boost of fun. 

Have A Picnic 

A picnic doesn’t mean you have to travel far to have a meal as a family. You can even just go in the backyard and spread out a blanket with all the fixins on it. Turn on a little music and jam out as a family. Make something easy to eat outside that everyone loves so everyone gets in on the fun of the atmosphere. 

Cook Together 

It may seem a lot easier to make a meal yourself, but getting the whole family involved in cooking is actually a lot of fun. Give each person a cooking duty and get to work. It can be as simple as opening jars or pouring things in the pan. Not only are the little ones learning lifelong cooking skills, everyone is pitching in to create a dinner masterpiece. It doesn’t have to be cooking, everyone can get in on making some baked goods if you want a yummy dessert for the family. 

Movie Night 

Sometimes it’s best to turn off all the electronics while other times it’s best to watch them together. Having a family movie night brings everyone together in one room with popcorn and goodies. Pick a movie everyone will love for all the ages and chill out. It’s a time to snuggle together and just chill out. It’s all about the fun of the movie and your laughter coming together as one. 

Backyard Campout 

Turn your backyard into the Great Outdoors with a campout. Pitch a tent and throw in some sleeping bags. Take out the best snacks and play like you’re in the middle of the forest camping out. Tell ghost stories and laugh with one another. Sleeping on the ground might not sound like much fun, but you’ll be making memories that’ll overshadow the pain in your neck tomorrow. 

After Dinner Walks 

Going on a walk after dinner not only clears some room in your full tummy, but also gives you time to talk as a family. Make a little route in your neighborhood and throw on those tennis shoes to begin. Talk about your day or anything important going on in your lives. Check out the seasonal decorations or comment on the birds or bugs you see as you walk.